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Product Design
Visual Identity
Content Strategy

A new people-first website and design system for a leading tech company in the background check industry that helped increase sales.


I was the lead designer on the project, my team and I worked with Checkr through discovery, user research, branding, product design, and content strategy. During the development phase, I worked with our engineering team to help create the CMS components in Prismic.


Checkr is a background check company that believes all candidates should have a fair chance to work.


Checkr came to Big Human to create a powerful new website that will attract and convert customers and develop a new visual identity, voice and tone.

To reach customers, Checkr had to appeal to several different audiences, including human resources, compliance, and talent acquisition professionals as well as job seekers. They also needed to set themselves apart from the many other established companies in the background check industry.

Research + Voice

By analyzing user interviews and conducting competitive research and exercises with Checkr’s C-suite, we learned that Checkr’s true advantages are its mission and technology. We gave them the title of “The Empathetic Expert” to reflect these dual assets. Customers came to Checkr for their reliable AI-powered platform that improved their hiring process, but this was not being communicated effectively.


Highlight Checkr's mission and innovative technology by telling their customers’ success stories and providing tailored pathways for multiple audiences.

Site map

Strategic Information Architecture

One of the biggest challenges to achieving an effective sales conversion was that Checkr's potential customers come from several different industries and have different needs. Users are often interested in a specific tool or type of screening and want to be able to find out, quickly, if Checkr provides them. They are also looking to see if Checkr has experience solving problems particular to their industry.

To address these needs, the solutions are organized by industry and role to provide a personalized route for each user. The types of screenings and tools Checkr offers are clearly accessible from the main navigation.

Desktop Wireframes

solutions nav + COmponents

Solutions Oriented

Each page targeting a specific industry or role includes relevant information about how Checkr can help improve a company's hiring process from that user's perspective.

Mobile navigation - products

Mission Through Design

Design is used to communicate Checkr's values and personality in both the product and brand identity. The friendly colors and illustrations speak to Checkr's human-first approach, and the sleek lines and curves reflect their speed and efficiency.

We demonstrated Checkr's commitment to transparency through the design with a straightforward navigation structure and plenty of opportunities to access information.

The look and feel was crafted to express both Checkr's expertise in the industry and their forward-thinking approach.

contact options


Increasing sales conversions was a primary goal for the new website. We made sure that users have plenty of opportunities to learn more or contact the sales team whenever they are in the site. It was also important to divert users looking for the status of their background check away from contacting sales. Alternate paths were provided for those users so that their questions could be answered more effectively.

As part of the content strategy, we highlighted the connection between Checkr's mission and technology to tangible business advantages for their customers.

resources and case studies

resources and company

Modular Design System

We created a library of components so that Checkr can easily build new pages.

Almost every part of the site needed to be a modular component so that pieces could be added and removed as necessary. Since we couldn't plan for every future content requirement, we made sure that the components are flexible enough to allow for multiple combinations and configurations.

Pages built with modular components

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44% increase in post-launch monthly site visits
Bounce rate reduction of 78%
Pages per visit increased by 105%


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