A website for background checks


An erotic audio platform for women

A design system for the news


An e-commerce site for natural CBD

Carnegie Hall

An interactive map for young students


fun things

indicates what page the user is on


and games

Testing techniques, styles, and ideas.

A personal collection, reality TV directory, space stuff, collages, etc.

Sphere of influence

An on-going library of inspirations, digital tchotchkes and found fixations.

A collection of things I like and find interesting, created to experiment with grids, color combinations, and type. I'm currently working on building it with my basic HTML and CSS skills.

4 Real

Putting my embarrassingly exhaustive reality TV knowledge to good use.

A reality TV catalogue for the finding the best or worst of reality TV. Inspired by and New York Times: Watching.

life-on-mars water

Moon-age market

Keep your 'lectric eye on me.

A brand and website design for a dystopian-future-space themed restaurant created for a Brand Identity class I took at SVA. Also, an excuse to incorporate David Bowie into something.


Various collage illustrations for freelance projects, and some just for fun.

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