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Healist Naturals

Website Design
E-commerce Design

An e-commerce site focused on discovery for natural CBD products.


Using existing identity and packaging designs, I developed the design language for the brand's web presence. I designed the full e-commerce experience with integrated recommendation engine and subscription plans then worked with the Big Human engineering team to create the site on Shopify.

packaging + BRanding by Robot food

Healist Naturals is a CBD company committed to enhancing the body's natural ability to heal.


Our goal was to stand out and provide clarity in a relatively new, yet crowded market. Healist was looking for a simple yet memorable showcase for their products that gives customers a clear path from learning more about CBD to check-out.

By focusing on the benefits and efficacy of Healist's products we set out to introduce CBD to a wider audience.

Site map

Clear Navigation

The main organizing principle of the site is the product benefits: Sleep, Calm, Relief, and Immune Support. From the homepage the user can choose the benefit they're looking for or learn more about CBD and the details of Healist's products.

Starting with the benefits gives a customer who is new to the world of CBD a clear direction. This way, they're shopping for what they really want: improved sleep, relaxation, pain relief, or immune support.


recommendation engine mobile screens

Personalized Shopping

Starting with the benefits was our strategy to guide and educate new customers. The recommendation quiz asks customers what they're looking to achieve and how they'd like to feel in order to determine the right dosage and format.

Answering a few short questions gives the customer a recommendation that fits their needs, removing any confusion.

Design Language

Informed by the packaging design and branding, the foundation of the design language is high-contrast black-and-white with type and iconography evocative of a laboratory. This is reinforcing that science and proven results are the base of Healist's brand. The colorful botanical illustrations reflect the brand's natural ingredients and give personality and texture to the site.

The botanical illustrations combined with the clean white and lab-inspired type reflect the two main pillars of the brand: nature and science.

Benefits Exploration

Healist’s range of products is made up of four benefit categories: Sleep, Calm, Relief, and Immune Support. Each benefit has its own color and icon that we used throughout the site as an organizational and way-finding device.

Interactive illustrations allow users to dig deeper into the ingredients of each product, reflecting Healist's commitment to transparency.

benefit pages

Integrated Subscriptions

Customers can start a subscription as easily as adding a product to their cart.

Creating a seamless check-out flow was important to drive sales. We made sure that Healist's mission of transparency was carried through to the product detail pages by providing plenty of information about the dosage and ingredients. For customers that are looking for even more information, we included a link directly to the lab results for each product.

Sleep and shop all pages

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Ali Eisner

Product Management

Big Human


Robot Food

Brand design + Illustration

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